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Institutional/commercial achievement - The Maison Symphonique of Montreal

CHU Sainte-Justine


CHU Sainte-Justine is the most specialized children’s hospital in Quebec. With a modern and patient-oriented approach, humanism makes its wellness philosophy shine bright. A sophisticated energy-efficient and eco-friendly building has even earned the hospital the LEED certification. The whole project is an example of safety and quality we can be proud of.

McGill University Health Centre


The MUHC is a major 2.4 billion-dollars project located in the former Glen railway yard and is one of the most innovative hospitals in North America. It was built in compliance with the highest environmental standards and is LEED certified.

Raymond-Lévesque Library


The Raymond-Lévesque Library was built with a special emphasis on energy efficiency. From geothermal energy sources to the energy recovery system, insulation was one of the cornerstones of its construction. From 2009 to 2014, the Raymond-Lévesque Library was awarded several honorary awards, including the Governor General's Medal in Architecture.

Maison Symphonique


The Maison Symphonique is one of Montreal’s most important cultural ambassadors. Building this hall in the heart of the Quartier des Spectacles has reinvigorated an urban area in high demand for many festivals throughout the year. The exceptional quality of the interior woodwork and high acoustic standards make this theatre a true icon at the centre of Montreal's art scene.



The Montreal Planetarium’s shape makes it an architectural jewel. The Building’s futuristic look catches the eye and reflects its function. Erecting the two aluminum-finished towers with their tilted spherical geometry was a complex affair and required enormous skill. Like the Biodôme, the Insectarium and the Botanical Garden, the Planetarium is a pillar of knowledge and science.

Libertas 1


The Libertas is remarkable for its luxurious commercial condos. The four-storey building is located in a highly strategic location, near Quartier DIX30 and Promenades St-Bruno. Underground parking, elevators, roof terrace and more, everything works to enhance this already flourishing business district in the heart of Montreal’s South Shore.

Louis Bohème


With its 28 floors, the Louis Bohème tower overlook the Quartier des spectacles. Its envelope of prefabricated panels, curtain walls and metal coating makes the building well-balanced and complex. In 2008, the Louis Bohème won the Canadian Architect Award of Excellence.

Université de Sherbrooke

Campus Longueuil

This 16-storey building was inaugurated in January of 2010. The Longueuil campus is easily accessible by a large public atrium connecting it to the Longueuil bus and metro terminal. The complex is strategically located near the 132 and the Jacques-Cartier bridge.

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