Métrotec P.G.B Isolation

Our history

The company active today comes from the association of two leaders in the insulation industry in Quebec.

Founded in 1974, Métrotec specialized in sprayed, blown and injected insulation, sprayed air/vapour barrier and fireproofing. A pioneering company in insulation, one of the few that still exist today!

On the other hand, PGB Isolation Inc. was founded in 1990, offered its services in rigid and semi-rigid insulation, fire barriers, smoke barriers, heat-sealed air/vapour barriers and self-adhesive membranes.

The alliance of their respective strengths created a company that could then offer all insulation and weatherproofing services to meet customer requirements. This alliance has allowed the company to work over the past 20 years in the commercial and institutional markets and participate in the largest and most complex projects in the greater Montreal area.

Finally, it was in 2018 that the company successfully undertook the succession process which allowed the founders to take a well-deserved retirement. It is therefore with an experienced and dynamic team that the company continues to grow today.

Experience and productivity

Our dynamic team, but above all specialized, experienced and productive, will find the solution and meet your expectations for all your insulation, air/vapour barrier and fireproofing needs.

We work in the residential, commercial, industrial and institutional sectors. The expertise of our employees allows us to stand out in the field of insulation and to provide all our customers with an impeccable service, regardless of the size of the project. Our reputation is based on the quality of our works on site, the reliability and availability of our teams. Your project and its success are truly important to us!


  • Current member of the Board of Directors of the Association des entrepreneurs en revêtement muraux du Québec (AERMQ)
  • Member in recent years of the Board of Directors of the Association d'Isolation du Québec (AIQ)
  • Member of the ACQ Prevention Mutual since 1999 under the SELECT performance rating, because safety on construction sites is at the heart of our concerns
  • Update and francization of insulation and air/vapour barrier specifications for DCC Canada
  • Member of the committee responsible for producing the reference manual on insulation products
  • IsolGuide - Insulation and waterproofing system for the building envelope
  • IsolGuide - Mechanical fasteners and anchors
  • Creation of the first insulation specialty definition guide
  • Co-drafting of the brief presented to the Working Committee on Professional Jurisdiction commonly known as the Gaul Commission. (Law R20)
  • Participation and presentation of the brief to the Deputy Minister of Labor in preparation for Bill 35

« It is a privilege to lead a team of enthusiasts with so much experience and dedication on a daily basis. The quality of our work and the service we provide to our customers is our daily priority. »